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At Back to Earth we’ve developed the first free, online wood fibre insulation course. Designed for architects, builders and self-builders, the course covers how to specify, source and use wood fibre effectively.

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The course wasn’t too technical and gave me a clear understanding of wood fibre in just one hour.

Simon Dure-Smith

SD Projects

Having completed the course I now feel 100% confident about specifying the use of wood fibre in our projects.

Eve Williams

BA [Hons] Architecture

I found the course increadible useful. As a builder, I’d recommend anyone in construction to check this out.

Patrick Wait

New Britannia Construction

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Wood fibre insulation 101 | Podcast

Wood fibre insulation 101 | Podcast

Welcome to this week’s ‘Back to Earth’ podcast. This show is for building professionals and is all about the use of sustainable building materials.

Five surprising facts about wood fibre performance

Five surprising facts about wood fibre performance

As an independent company, we at Back to Earth have all of the materials on the open market to choose from when selecting the best materials to supply to our customers. We’ve chosen wood fibre insulation because of it’s amazing properties that make it so useful in construction. Here are some of the reasons why.

Roof & floor insulation, fixing fixtures & fittings and renders | Podcast

Roof & floor insulation, fixing fixtures & fittings and renders | Podcast

This week we have three or maybe four main areas of questions.  We’ve had quite a few enquiries about roof insulation this week.  We have a load of enquiries about a floor construction without using concrete.  We’ve got enquiries about fixing fixtures and fittings to walls after they’ve been insulated and then we’ve got a load of questions about render and what they can be applied to, how you care for them, how long it takes to dry and how you clean them.

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